Key Construction Contracts in NZ

As there is much talk about building contracts and their potential changes, we thought our readers would benefit from an article outlining some key building contracts that are currently in place in New Zealand. This overview is designed to help contractors, building owners, people working in construction or wanting to work in construction, and anyone …

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The Skills Gap in NZ’s Construction Industry

You have probably heard about or noticed first-hand that there is currently a shortage of skilled workers. This is especially true in New Zealand’s construction industry. This skills gap stems from various factors. Tighter immigration policies, talent going overseas, and an ageing workforce to name a few. This shortage of skilled workers hinders the industry’s …

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NZS3910 Update and review process

You may have heard that the NZS3910 standard is undergoing some changes. If you are unaware of this standard, to put it simply, it is probably the most common standard form of contract used in New Zealand and sets the rules for everyone involved in a construction project. This includes the principal, contractor, and engineer. …

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Study online Feb142023

Why Study Online?

Obtaining in-demand skills can unlock new job opportunities. It can give you higher earning potential and increased professional growth. However, as working individuals with busy lives, it can be challenging to find the time to focus on personal development. Naturally, at NZES we’re a bit biased towards online education. We specialise in training individuals to …

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Quantity Surveying Jan182023

Quantity Surveying

What is Quantity Surveying? We look at the different types of Quantity Surveying, how much they earn and how to become one

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