Public Procurement Dec122023

Serial Tendering – Quick Takes

Introduction Serial Tendering is a procurement strategy increasingly recognised for its efficiency and effectiveness in industries like construction, where the expertise of Quantity Surveyors is crucial. This approach involves selecting a contractor for a series of projects based on their bid for an initial project. With its emphasis on long-term relationships and consistency in quality, […]

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Selective Tendering Nov202023

Selective Tendering – NZES Quick takes

Introduction Selective tendering is another frequently employed procurement method used to allocate contracts in diverse sectors. This method calls for a pre-selected list of potential contractors who have met specific criteria to be invited to bid for the project. It ensures that only those with a proven track record and necessary qualifications are considered, providing […]

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Single Stage Tendering Nov202023

Single-Stage Tendering – NZES Quick Takes

Introduction Single-stage tendering is a procurement method commonly utilised for allocating contracts across various sectors, with consultants and, in particular, Quantity Surveyors being instrumental in its execution and evaluation. This method involves inviting contractors to submit their bids in response to a single tender notice, thereby simplifying the tendering process. Single-stage tendering is optimal for […]

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Open Tendering: Definition, Advantages and Challenges – NZES Quick Takes

Open Tendering is a procurement strategy that often serves as the cornerstone for contract allocation in sectors like construction, where Quantity Surveyors play a pivotal role. This approach involves a public announcement that invites contractors to submit their proposals or bids for a project. With its roots in promoting a transparent, equitable, and competitive bidding environment, Open Tendering is particularly favoured for public-sector initiatives and large private-sector projects.

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The Role of a Quantity Surveyor in Dispute Resolutions

In the bustling hive of activity that is a construction site, various professionals each play a critical role. One such professional, sometimes overlooked yet indispensable, is the quantity surveyor (QS). The quantity surveyor serves as the financial and contractual heartbeat of a construction project. They ensure that all costs and contracts are meticulously managed. This […]

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