Quantity Surveying Jan182023

Quantity Surveying

What is Quantity Surveying? We look at the different types of Quantity Surveying, how much they earn and how to become one

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What to do if you’re injured at work

If you’re injured, if you’re unable to work, or if you want to know what your options are. We recommend you read this article

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Construction Estimating Jan052023

The Construction Estimating process

Construction estimating is a crucial process in the construction industry, as it involves accurately predicting the cost of a project before work begins. In New Zealand, construction estimating is typically carried out by quantity surveyors, who are responsible for estimating and managing construction costs. However, the process can be complex and requires a high level …

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Learn Quantity Surveying Jan052023

Why you should learn Quantity Surveying in 2023

Why is it more important than ever to learn quantity surveying? We discuss how it can help job security and the advancement of your career

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