Moeen Qureshi

“As an international professional, migrant to a new country, and top of all new to the construction sector, this was not just an online course but it’s a complete package for synchronizing my international exposure to the local New Zealand market. I would like to rank this course 10/10.

Let me share my experience:
1. The course management team: Was humble, caring, and compromising. They helped me sign up to this course when I was unemployed and struggling financially. I had a very limited amount of budget to study and they managed to find a subsidy that I could use.

2. My tutor for the Course: This aspect of the course is unique in itself. I have never had an experience like it, where I was personally given a tutor to help me through the program. The tutor was a professional in his field, very experienced but also humble and down to earth, he was eager to transfer all his long years of practical experience. He was available and willing right throughout the course, even after I graduated, he was available to help me out with preparation for the job interviews.

3. Course Material: No bookish talk. All sharing of practical on-the-job experience. The course is beautifully revamped all from the current syllabus, standards, and requirements.

After graduation, I received a job offer in the field thanks to NZES and Michael”